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I have the expertise to help companies choose the right solutions to their specific needs. There are a lot of options for business consulting services. However, large consulting companies can be too expensive or they offer packages of off-the-shelf solutions that do not meet the needs of your organization. I can also help organizations evaluate the legitimacy of the claims being made by consulting companies when choosing between potential vendors.

Employee Engagement

All companies want to have employees who are engaged in their work and happy in their roles.

I have conducted research on the best ways to measure employee engagement so that that information can be used to make changes in the workplace. I have experience designing surveys that target the specific issues that are most relevant to your company to make meaningful changes. I can also help make better use out of data that has been collected in the past but hasn't been turned into useful information for taking action.

Every consulting company has their own model for employee engagement. However, they are really just selling a set of job attitude items and the comparison of your company's scores with other companies. This data can be useful for understanding where your company stands, but it might not be as useful for making the right changes for your employees.

Training and Development

Effective training needs to be designed to achieve specific learning objectives. A lot of training programs are designed to make sure the employer is covered in case someone does something wrong. This is often the case for training on sexual harassment, cyber security, and other organizational policies. I can help develop, provide, modify, or track training based on the outcomes that your organization actually wants to achieve with their programs.  

Evaluating Vendor Options

Most successful consulting companies are great at selling their products. In doing this, they often use a variety of statistics and results from previous work to support their claims. They also claim their superiority over other options. Without specific expertise in statistics and the research literature on what is actually possible in these areas, it is difficult to know if their claims are true or actually relevant to your decision. I can help you make sound decisions by evaluating and translating the scientific merit these pitches.

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