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I offer two different approaches depending on the career goals and current challenges that a potential coachee is facing.

Professional Development Coaching is ideal for young professionals or new leaders looking to understand how to improve their performance and understand their workplace reputation.


Narrative Coaching is ideal for anyone facing or contemplating major life or career changes or seeking towork toward career fulfillment. 

Profesisonal Development Coaching

Once you get finished with your formal education, you are rarely provided with any structure to facilitate your continued development. For most people, professional development is a haphazard collection of feedback from peers and supervisors, independent reading, and occasional training on something your company has decided is important. 

Working with a Professional Development Coach gives you the opportunity to take charge of your professional development by choosing to work on skills that fit your goals and building on your unique personality and values.

My approach to coaching is to develop individualized development plans based on your current levels of performance, your personality, and the type of working environment that you will find fulfilling.

Comprehensive 360 feedback on key competencies for your success as a leader:

Goal Setting, Team Building, Decisiveness, Adaptability

Public Presentation, Political Astuteness, Personal Responsibility

Stress Management, Developmental Goal Setting, Company Concern


Comprehensive personality assessment and feedback using Hogan Assessment Systems


Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) 

Hogan Development Survey (HDS) 

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)


Access to current tools to understand your place in the modern world of work:


Individualized approaches to finding happiness in your work

Framing your work life in your personal narrative

Developmental approaches that help integrate work and life goals

Narrative Coaching

Narrative Coaching focuses on how the stories that we tell ourselves provide the basis for our actions and interpretations of our lives. Stories can motivate and promote movement toward our aspirations or keep us trapped in current patterns and roles.

If you are ready to challenge your current perceptions of yourself, your role in your current job or occupation, or your current understnading of your purpose in the world, Narrative Coaching may be a great fit for you.

I start a potetnial narratvie coaching relationship with a Life History Interview and a discussion of how the process works. For there we can decide if this would be a good fit for you and if we would be effective working together.


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