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Owning Your Professional Development


Professional Development Coaching

Narrative Coaching


Customized solutions for employee engagement, professional 

development, and training design.



My experiences, thoughts, and reflections on research, books, coaching and consulting.

About Me

My name is Bradley Brummel. I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at The University of Tulsa.

I have a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Illinois. 

I conduct reseach, teach, and consult on professional development and work engagement. 


​I started this company because I want to use the knowledge and resources that I have acquired to help people thrive in their careers by taking control of their professional development. I also want to help companies who want to facilitate this development for their employees and to create a better work environment. 


There are limited options for individuals and companies in Tulsa for this kind of help because of our location and the cost of larger consulting companies. I believe that these opportunities should be available to young professionals, small companies, and not-for-profits.  

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